Where to Find Good Hex Nuts Manufacturer

  • Release date:04-02-2017
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    Hex nuts are required for most fastening purposes and d […]

    Hex nuts are required for most fastening purposes and designed for hassle free installation. Though the hex nut design seems basic, they are created to deliver high end efficiency and performance.

    A finished hex nut is a classic design which is widely used for industrial as well as commercial use. As an experienced manufacturer, our company supply these top quality products as well as over a dozen more types of steel mechanical nuts in many material options.

    On the other hand, when stainless steel is not an option due to the application or budget, hex nuts are commonly given an electro-deposited zinc plated finish which gives it a different look and feel. Generally, the reliability and stability of the hex nuts increase when such coatings are given, it also ensures in prolonged life of the nut. This coating protects the nut from rusting and corrosion that might take place due to change in external environments.

    What’s more, another common corrosion resistant coating is hot dipped galvanizing. Galvanized finish by prepping and dipping in hot zinc solution gives the nut longer life in harsh environments at a reasonable cost.

    Heavy hex nuts are also easily found on the market these days with the most up to date quality assurance. Remember, almost every bolt needs a nut. The use of hex nuts not only spans through industrial and commercial use but also includes residential fastening.

    Hex nuts can be ordered in small quantities or bulk purchase from our company. We stock in box and in cartons which are lot/heat number bar coded and traceable according to most industrial requirements.

    Wholesale pricing can always be obtained which makes the purchase easy and affordable. Give us a call or browse our website and we will guide you through the details regarding hex nuts. Our technical team is present and always willing to help you in making the right purchase.