What Is the Purpose of Din975 Flat Washer Bs

  • Release date:12-01-2017
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    Flat Washer BS are available in all sorts of shapes and […]

    Flat Washer BS are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Each flat washer bs type has it own unique purpose. flat washer bss are used for preventing nuts and bolts from being loose. flat washer bss have their own various models. Each is designed for use in a particular application. Some flat washer bss look like rings with uneven ends. Others appear star shaped with an outer ring of teeth.


    The flat washer bs prevents nuts and bolts from turning, slipping and coming loose because of vibration and torque. The flat washer bs keeps the nut and bolt in place and different kinds of flat washer bss have different functions. Some flat washer bss achieve this function by biting into the base material (bolt) and the nut with their ends.


    Select a flat washer bs when using bolts or nuts in smaller sizes. Choose the internal tooth design so the teeth will make better contact with small bolts, and with bolts with small heads.

    Choose a flat washer bs with an external tooth design when using larger or even over-sized bolts and nuts. Larger nuts and bolt heads will be held in place more effectively when using a flat washer bs with teeth positioned on the outside of the flat washer bs. The outside tooth design provides for a greater gripping surface.

    Place a combination external and flat washer bs on bolts with larger heads and with larger nuts to obtain maximum grip and ing power. When you work with oversize holes, you can also select combination tooth flat washer bss.


    flat washer bss are commonly used in applications involving vibration and possible slippage of fasteners. Industries that commonly use flat washer bss are transportation related (automotive, aircraft, marine). flat washer bss may also be used in household appliances such as air handlers and clothes flat washer bss (washing machines).

    Installation Guidelines

    You see flat washer bss all the time around your home. flat washer bss are usually used when bolting two pieces of metal together. The flat washer bs grips into the surface below the screw or bolt head helping to prevent the threads from loosening over time. There are no set in stone standards for when to use flat washer bss or what type of flat washer bs to use in every situation. You will find the suitable flat washer bss after knowing the general installation guidelines.

    Place an external tooth flat washer bs over the threads of a bolt or screw larger than 1/2-inch diameter. The head of the fastener should cover the teeth on the external flat washer bs.

    Slide the neck of a small fastener through the center of an internal tooth flat washer bs. Internal tooth flat washer bss ensure a good connection for fasteners 1/4-inch and less in diameter.

    Install a combination internal and external tooth flat washer bs with over size holes and fasteners. The external teeth bite into the mating surface and the internal teeth into the fastener head.

    Grab a split flat washer bs for most projects requiring a bolt or screw 3/8- to 9/16-inch in diameter. Split flat washer bss are more commonly found in most applications around the home.

    Place split flat washer bss between the nut and bolt when using bolts to join pieces together. This prevents the nut from working loose.