What is Din975 Cup Flat Washer

  • Release date:08-12-2016
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    Cup flat washer is generally used to offer support, ins […]

    Cup flat washer is generally used to offer support, insulation, or a cosmetic finish to bolts or screws particularly those with countersunk heads. Cup washers are made of a variety of materials depending on the intended application. These include light weight metals such as steel or brass, insulating materials such as plastic and, in the case of faucet and pump washers, leather. Cup washers are either designed to be surface mounted or countersunk. They often include features such as decorative snap-on caps and electrical terminal cut-outs.

    There is no reason to go searching for top quality cup washers when can supply these too. Our in-house tool room can produce special terminal cups, countersunk washers, flanged cups and conicals with the same great Willie service you get on your Flat Washer. Standard cups are commonly produced in steel, stainless, brass and copper, and special alloys are just a phone call away.

    Terminal Cups



    Special shaped holes

    All metallic materials

    Finishing (or cup) washers substantially increase the holding power of a screw (flat or oval head) while giving it a finished look.

    Useful for holding fabric or thin material, or for distributing screw load. Also suitable as low-profile box feet. Solid brass, sold in hundreds.

    For odd-numbered screw sizes, use the next largest size.