Use of Din975 Threaded Rod

  • Release date:07-12-2016
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    Din975 threaded rod is a type of metal fastener with th […]

    Din975 threaded rod is a type of metal fastener with threads cut into both ends. These rods resemble the shank of a screw, yet tend to be longer and thicker than a standard screw. Threaded rods do not have heads or washers like those found on a screw on bolt, and tend to be the same diameter along their entire length.

    Depending on the model, a threaded rod may feature threads along the entire length, or simply at either end. This product is sometimes known as all-thread, and can also be referred to simply as a stud.

    These fasteners can be used to join wood or metal together, acting as a pin to connect the two materials. They are often inserted into concrete or wood during a repair, and can be used to stabilize structures ranging from wooden furniture to concrete walls. Builders and contractors may also use a threaded rod when constructing homes or other types of buildings. These threaded studs are also popular with metalworkers when building furniture or consumer goods.

    A thread rod also serves as a popular method of hanging sheet metal ducts and other equipment within a building. Installers attach one end of the rod to the ceiling structure, then thread the other end into a special fastener or clip. These clips or fasteners can then be used to hang ductwork, light fixtures, or mechanical equipment.

    Design and make of the rod depends upon the manufacturing of the brand. Well to be precise Threaded Rod has universal design but yes regarding the size they are completely different and based upon the requirements.

    Purchasing through a hardware store will add up to confusion and getting the wrong material. Instead select online service which is quick and reasonable.