Types of Flat Washers in Din975

  • Release date:12-11-2016
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    There are many different types of flat washers to choos […]

    There are many different types of flat washers to choose from. Most are made from either stainless or carbon steel. A flat washer is generally designed to be used with threaded fasteners such as nuts or bolts. The main purpose of a flat washer is to distribute the weight or pressure applied to the object being bolted together.

    Nylon Washers

    Nylon flat washers may be used instead of metal washers in certain applications. Nylon washers are lightweight and are better insulators than metal washers. They are not as strong but are more resistant to certain chemicals. Standard sizes for nylon flat washers are 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch.

    Fender Washers

    Fender washers are generally used for light- to medium-duty applications. This may include auto body repair, plumbing repair or electrical work. Fender washers are often used in sheet-metal fabrication. They can also be used to hang drywall or install wood paneling. Fender washers usually have a larger outside diameter than standard washers.

    The washer is a thin plate consisting of a hole (mostly in the middle). It is used for distributing the load of the thread fastener like that of a nut or a screw. Now, most of the washers are disc-shaped, but you might find variations in shapes as well. Very typically, one does not really think of buying a washer until and unless he runs short of them. But please remember that these washers fulfill a string of different purposes. While a wave washer helps you to preload, a lock washer aids you in having a tighter joint.

    Some assemblies are designed to have the parts move with respect to one another when the bolt is actually tight. The travel of the nut may be restricted by a shouldered design of the bolt or a sleeve can be installed around the bolt in the hole. In these cases a washer is often used to keep the moving part from wearing the bolt head or nut. The washer may be made of a material designed to reduce the friction between itself and the moving part. This can also help to keep a turning part from trying to loosen the nut through friction.