Type of Spring Nuts and Nuts

  • Release date:18-11-2016
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    Curved-the bend in the nut adds a spring element for in […]

    Curved-the bend in the nut adds a spring element for increased resistance to loosening. It also provides easy handling during the installation process. The degree of the bend depends on the loadbearing requirements of the joint. Shakeproof can help to design the perfect solution.

    Nuts are oftentimes hexagonal in shape. Hex nuts are the most common types and are used in many general-purpose products. This fastener has a threaded hole in the center. Washers, on the other hand, are simpler types of fasteners. They are usually flat and are available in different shapes and sizes. Similar to nuts, they function by fastening screws and acting as spacers. Steel and plastic washers are the most used types. Steel types help prevent deterioration of two joint metal objects due to electrical contact. Plastic washers are common in valves and faucets.

    Spring lock washer. This type of washer also provides efficient vibration resistance. When you want to purchase the right spring lock washer, you have to consider the size that you need. You have to know the minimum thickness, the inside and outside diameters.

    Locknuts. This type is best suited for items that are prone to vibration. They provide resistance to the force of vibrations. They also come in different styles but most of them serve the same purpose.

    Wing nuts. This nut type comes with two "wings." These features make it easier to adjust even with the use of bare hands. This type is ideal for construction projects that need frequent tightening or loosening.

    Square nuts. This type usually has a larger surface than hex nuts. This feature makes it easier to grip using wrenches. In some cases, workers weld square nuts to machineries.