Trapezoidal Lead Screw Meet the Higher Requirements

  • Release date:12-06-2017
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    Trapezoidal Lead Screw has features of high transmissio […]

    Trapezoidal Lead Screw has features of high transmission efficiency and accurate position, and has a self-locking function. Trapezoidal threads are generally used for transmission, often with higher quality requirements. After the completion of the car is also the best heat treatment, and then on a dedicated grinder up grinding.

    Trapezoidal lead screw has a 45 degree lead angle that is not easily machined. Each model can easily convert linear motion into rotational motion. Due to the relatively large lead, they are the best choice for providing a faster feedrate at low speeds. Micro-trapezoidal screw is made of oil-bearing plastic, with good wear resistance, especially in the absence of lubrication under the conditions of excellent lubrication. And, because of its excellent performance can be maintained for a long time, so you can have a long maintenance-free use of the cycle.

    When calculating the load on the trapezoidal screw, it is necessary to obtain accurate information on the effect of the inertial force that varies with the weight of the object and the speed of movement. In general, it is not easy to accurately obtain all the coefficients for reciprocating or rotational motion, such as the impact of repeated repetitive start-up and the like. If the temperature of the trapezoidal lead screw exceeds the normal temperature range, its resistance to coking and the strength of the material will drop.

    There is also a common screw is a saw screw, What is the difference between it and the trapezoidal lead screw? Both screws are used for force transmission or conduction spiral, but the trapezoidal screw can be bi-directional transmission, saw screw can only force the force of the helix. Trapezoidal screw technology is good, the root strength is high, the thread pair is neutral, you can adjust the gap. The saw screw combines the high efficiency of the rectangular thread and the high root strength of the trapezoidal thread. The outer diameter of the thread is free of the gap, which is convenient for the center and the shortcoming.