Threaded Rod Grades and Specifications

  • Release date:30-01-2017
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    ASTM A307 consists of low carbon steel which is the mos […]

    ASTM A307 consists of low carbon steel which is the most popular steel threaded rod. The stronger and more heat resistant Grade 5 threaded rod is made of medium carbon steel quenched and tempered. It is classified as ASTM A449. ASTM A354 is the classification for Grade 8 threaded rod, made of high-strength steel quenched and tempered. For proof load, yield and tensile strength values for threaded rod refer online to the ASTM, SAE and ISO mechanical requirements for steel fasteners chart or the Industrial Fastener Institute website and handbook, which can be found in Resources.

    Cutting Threads into a Steel Rod. Clamp the steel rod into the bench vice securely. Users can make a beveled surface along the edge of the rounded part of the rod with the help of the metal file. Measure the gauge of the threads on the hexagon nut using the thread gauge. Depending on the type of nut you are using the threads may either be course or fine and metric or standard. Record the size of the threads by looking at the marking on the side of the gauge. Select the correct die from the die set that correlates with your gauge reading from Step 2. Secure the die into the die wrench by tightening the set screws on both sides of the wrench until the die is firmly seated. Apply cutting fluid to the steel rod. Position the die wrench perpendicular to the steel rod. Turn the die wrench in a clockwise motion as you apply pressure. For every turn of the wrench back it off one-half turn. Continue to turn the die wrench until the required length of steel rod is threaded. You can use the shop towel to clean the threads so that users can move any metal shavings and excess cutting fluid away. Tighten the hexagon nut onto the new threads of the steel rod. Run the nut the full length of the threads and reverse it back off.

    ASTM A193 Grade B7 is the specification for high strength, heat resistant American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) 4140 alloy steel threaded rod. The versatile B7 threaded rod is in high demand because of its high strength, excellent heat resistance and resistance to corrosion. B7 is widely used in commercial plant applications and new construction projects for pipe and machinery installation and maintenance. You can find ASTM A193 Grade B16, Grade B7M and A320 Grade L7 when you surf on the internet.

    ASTM A193 Grade B8 (304 stainless steel) and grade B8M (316 stainless steel) are the two most widely used threaded rod stainless steel grades. We can use the stainless steel threaded rod in high temperature and high corrosive environments. Besides B8 and B8M, there are several ASTM specified stainless steel grades of threaded rod. By checking the ASTM, SAE and Industrial Fastener Institute reference information online, which can be found in Resources, or in hard copy, an engineer can find the right stainless steel grade of threaded rod for any application.