The Usual Applications of Threaded Rod

  • Release date:02-11-2016
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    Because of the usual applications of threaded rod, there are also no guarantees about the straightness of the rod to begin with. Poor handling in transportation and storage, or the manufacturing processes themselves may produce rods that have some natural bend to them. To some extent this is overcome by using solid, stable smooth rods or other precision linear motion mechanics to constrain x/y-axis motion and letting the un-driven end of the threaded rod float so it can only influence the z-axis motion, but the quality of that linear motion system (both components and design) will have a direct impact on how much or little of an impact the curvature of a threaded rod will have.

    The biggest advantages threaded rod has over leadscrews are its price and its ubiquity/availability. You can walk into a hardware store and buy a sizeable length of threaded rod without breaking the bank. That's great, especially for a repstrap or a project that has an extremely tight budget or is time sensitive.

    The quality of threaded rod will also vary wildly, but in general won't be great as compared to leadscrews. For its standard applications, the tolerances of the rod only need to be good enough to reliably thread a nut of the proper size. There can sometimes be a fair degree of slop between the nuts and the rods. Rods of different sizes, or from different manufacturers will vary, and you can bet they're not optimizing their processes for consistency beyond what is sufficient for its intended application.