The Threaded Rod is Widely Used in the World

  • Release date:27-09-2016
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    A threaded rod is a hardware component that is threaded […]

    A threaded rod is a hardware component that is threaded across its length. This allows the user to cut the rod according to the length required for a specific application. Hence, it is versatile and convenient to use, especially when the customer is unsure of the required length for an application. This is because even the last few inches of the rod left can be put to valuable use in many fastening tasks. Among all the varieties of that are available in the market, nylon threaded rods deserve special mention here. Their unique and advantageous properties make them extremely useful for certain applications. Moreover, this kind is considered to be more economical than its counterparts.

    The threaded rod is one of the most used fastener methods used today. This is because of its high durability, the amount of materials this type of rod can be found in, and the various sizes. Some can be found as small as fractions of an inch in diameter, while others quite a bit larger.

    Threaded Rod is commonly sold in grade 5 when the diameter of the rod is 9/16" or below, and Grade 8 when the diameter of the rod is 5/8" or above. The rods are normally sold in two inch length increments in order to end up with U bolts with 1" leg length differences. Threaded rod is manufactured with fine thread on each end, normally 6" in length. Lengths under 24" commonly have 3" of fine thread.

    Many industries make use of the threaded rod in one way or another. While most do it yourselfers know the shorter versions as used in normal household applications, those in the construction, plumbing, electrical, general repair, and automotive repair industries are well aware of how useful they are.