The Threaded Rod Has Many Uses Depending on Its Material

  • Release date:11-04-2017
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    All the threaded rods are called "rods" and short ones […]

    All the threaded rods are called "rods" and short ones are called "studs". In HVAC installations, the screw can be installed quickly or horizontally with piping systems, heaters, air handling machines and other equipment. Thread the thread to the ceiling connection point, and then use the bracket below the mounting bracket to secure the nut pair on the nut to the proper position. Due to its low cost, high tensile strength, the screw is a versatile construction, maintenance and repair product.

    In fact, the threaded rod is merely a fastener, which is threaded over the entire length of the rod so as to better incorporate the two elements. Commonly used raw materials are aluminum, bronze, silicone bronze, brass, copper, and sometimes even special metal alloys. Aluminum varieties have good thermal conductivity, brass varieties with excellent high temperature ductility and low permeability. Copper threaded fasteners are best known as hot and electrical conductors. Similarly, bronze and bronze also have their own special use.

    In addition to the above commonly used materials, it may also be made of stainless steel and titanium. Stainless steel varieties have all the inherent properties of this metal alloy, i.e. they have the availability of corrosion resistance and high stress resistance. Titanium rod is also light weight, suitable for aerospace industry.

    Threaded rod can be said to be very "hard" made from the environment, then the corresponding it has the following advantages: First, it can be high temperature, at high temperatures remain unchanged. On the light of this feature, it can be applied in many industries. Followed by wear resistance, so it should have a longer life, this feature led to it can be applied in the construction field. It also has high strength corrosion resistance, with good processing performance.

    As can be seen from the above, the threaded rod according to his characteristics can be widely used in many industries, because of strong use, which led to its best-selling.