The General Industrial Applications of China Threaded Rod

  • Release date:22-02-2017
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    China Thread Rod is ideal for highly demanding applicat […]

    China Thread Rod is ideal for highly demanding applications that require impeccable fastening performance and tensile strength. Be it the conventional metal rods or nylon threaded rods or the high-end plastic rods, they are all versatile in terms of their usability.

    Many industries make use of different types of threaded rods in various applications. Let us have a look at some of the general industrial applications of these rods:

    Construction Industry: The construction industry requires highly sturdy and wear-resistant metal threaded rods that can provide highest level of tensile strength. Fabricated threaded rods made of steel are essential construction fasteners.

    Oil Extraction and Refining Industry: Oil extraction industry makes use of a sucker rod that is made of steel and is threaded at both the ends. This sucker rod helps in joining together the downhole components and the surface of a piston pump that is installed in an oil well. The rod is responsible for transfer of energy from the surface unit.

    Aerospace Industry: Precise engineering and impeccable designing are the basic requirements in the aerospace industry. Threaded rods are machined for accuracy and durability making them ideal for various commercial as well as military aerospace applications. These rods are used as fasteners to join different heavy weight parts.

    Agricultural Industry: Threaded rods are available in different shapes and sizes that are perfectly suited for the strenuous environment of the agricultural sector. Farming equipment such as tractors, livestock enclosures, irrigation machineries, threshers, etc., make use of these rods for efficient operation.

    Heavy Machinery Construction Industry: Large diameter threaded rods are highly useful in the manufacture of heavy machineries. The rugged and durable nature of these rods makes them apt for this industry.