The Functions of Threaded Rod Connector

  • Release date:14-02-2017
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    Simply defined, Din975 Threaded Rod connectors are fast […]

    Simply defined, Din975 Threaded Rod connectors are fasteners widely employed to connect components with male threads. They are cost-effective and easy-to-use fasteners available for connecting two threaded rods, and for leveling or spacing threaded rods.

    There are endless applications associated with this fastening product. However, in order to get the best out of these fasteners, an application user must gain comprehensive understanding about the product. This article encompasses some basic information that helps a first time customer to better understand threaded rod connectors.

    Are you a first time customer planning to purchase the fastener type for your applications? If yes, then you will find the below information beneficial.

    Threaded connectors are available in varied thread sizes to meet demanding fastening applications of customers from industrial, commercial, and domestic sectors. They are offered in a range of thread sizes. Understand your application requirements to procure the connector with suitable thread size.

    Various applications demand the use of threaded rod connectors made from specific raw materials. This is why most manufacturers offer the connectors in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. There are applications that call for using stainless steel threaded connectors, wherein carbon steel and aluminum connectors are not a good choice. Depending on the corrosive nature and other environmental conditions, the type of connectors must be chosen. The selection after analyzing the application areas, helps you procure the right type of connector that offers excellent operational performance for years.

    Most application areas requiring the use of fasteners that are aggressive in nature. Hence, in order to provide added protection in harsh industrial environments, threaded rod connectors are provided with superior finishes. The most commonly used finishes include zinc, chromate plated, anodized clear finish, and electro-galvanized. These finishes help to increase the durability of the connector even in continuous contact with harsh chemicals, solvents, acids, and other toxic agents/liquids.

    Threaded rod connectors are used exclusively in applications where alignment of metal rods, or metal rod extensions are required. They are amongst the cost-effective fastener type used for repairing and installation tasks across industries, including construction, electrical, automotive, oil and gas, refineries, packaging, and assembly.