The Flat Washer is the Buffer in the Fastener

  • Release date:05-04-2017
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    Flat washer is commonly used as buffers between metal p […]

    Flat washer is commonly used as buffers between metal parts and can also be used as spacers to provide friction reduction and cushioning and to ensure uniform distribution of loads. You will find it is often used to reduce the vibration and movement between the two moving parts. They also help to provide a smooth, flat surface for some of the components to fit closely to the other, or to move smoothly to the other.

    Flat washers are usually made of various shapes of thin pieces, used to reduce friction, to prevent leakage, isolation, to prevent loose or dispersed pressure. Many materials and structures have such components, for the implementation of various similar effects. The material of the fastener and the fastener of the screw are limited, so that the surface of the connected member is protected by the compressive stress of the bearing surface.

    Flat washers are generally used in the connector is a soft, one is hard and more brittle, and its main role is to increase the contact area, decentralized pressure, to prevent the texture of the soft crushed. The spring ring of the basic role of the spring is re-nut tightened to the nut after a force to increase the friction between the nut and bolt.

    Plastic and nylon washers do not conduct any heat, so even between the metal parts can make the insulating material as an insulating material. These materials are also very difficult to fire, especially in the plastic to make it the perfect case of the electrical industry. The threaded parts used with the gasket provide a firm fit and provide great grip to ensure that no objects are moving. They will also provide factors such as resistance to corrosion, moisture and corrosion.

    We use an example to illustrate the flat washers in the specific role of what things. The car washer fastener is used to keep the load on the car bolts. It is usually placed under the joint or nut, designed to distribute the pressure and check the leak. Bolt locks, cylinder heads, radiator washers are some car washers.