The Difference of the Ball Screw and Trapezoidal Llead Screw

  • Release date:13-03-2017
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    We always on the ball screw and trapezoidal lead screw […]

    We always on the ball screw and trapezoidal lead screw difference is not clear, then in the end what is the difference between them?

    The original equipment manufacturer's application system often requires "right" products, and trapezoidal leadscrews are often the right choice. Trapezoidal screw products are easily combined with specific applications to adjust to achieve the desired performance, while the cost control to a minimum. In some cases, life testing is required at the design stage, but for the original equipment manufacturer, the extra work in the early stages will help reduce the cost of the product.

    The ball screw can run continuously, bear much higher loads, and achieve faster speeds, and the cost increase is worth it For the end user, the ball screw has a good predictability, and thus is to ensure rapid integration and reliability of the best choice.

    For example, the plant automation system relies heavily on ball screw technology to a large extent. Of course, there are many original equipment manufacturers use the system also need ball screw, such as the machine tool industry. For the original equipment manufacturer, the decision is technical performance and cost, rather than predictability.

    In addition, the ball screw is rolling friction, trapezoidal screw is sliding friction, the work of the former is much lower than the latter, so you can assume high-speed transmission tasks. Rolling friction surface damage is much smaller than the sliding friction, so in the clean, lubrication and other conditions meet, the ball screw to maintain life is much higher than the trapezoidal screw. From the previous and current situation, the ball screw because of its structure than the trapezoidal screw complex, the price is still higher than the trapezoidal screw. However, with the increase in automation equipment and production increases, the price difference is getting smaller and smaller.