Stainless Steel Round Flat Washer

  • Release date:15-12-2016
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    A stainless steel flat washer is a flat disc with a cen […]

    A stainless steel flat washer is a flat disc with a centrally located hole. Stainless steel round flat washers are used to provide a bearing surface to minimize surface wear. They also evenly distribute a fastener’s load to minimize surface deformation from fastener tightening or can cover large clearance holes. Stainless steel is higher strength than steel and has excellent corrosion resistance.

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    Flat washers are an capital allotment of any ballast assembly. As they serve to absorb agreement and deliver amount if placed amid a nut and bolt or screw, they will advice anticipate abrasion and baloney of accession surfaces over time. Use them to accomplish aliment easier by acceptance for smoother alleviation and abbreviating of components. We accomplish collapsed washers in a advanced ambit of abstracts and in an all-encompassing ambit of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. They can be ordered from our account or produced and packaged according to your custom requirements.