Some Secrets of Hex Nut Fasteners

  • Release date:23-09-2016
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    Stainless steel nuts are one of the first choices of cu […]

    Stainless steel nuts are one of the first choices of customers when it comes to fasteners, primarily owing to the fact that they are corrosion resistant and thus are perfect for outdoor use. It is also has amazing life-cycle and is recyclable.

    Nut fasteners are the most essential element of the hardware family. Whether it is an aircraft or a car or a building or a furniture good, these are used in almost every item. These are the most important member of the hardware family & find tremendous application in every industry. When there are worked with their mate that is the bolts, they are used to join two physically distinct objects.

    What are the Advantages of Stainless Steel?

    Dimension specific

    Very sleek in appearance

    Low maintenance costs


    High resistance against stains

    Can be polished


    Mostly non-magnetic

    Easily available

    Ideal surface finish

    Desired smoothness without impurities or burs

    Reliable quality

    Resistant to ultra violet rays

    Due precision in compliance with standards

    Shock resistant

    Due tensile strength

    Hex Nut fasteners are the female part of the hardware family. These are used along with their male mate i.e. the bolts in order to join the physically separable things. Let us take an example of an automobile. In this, various systems are assembled together. These systems are developed separately and perform various functions. So, to assemble different systems nut & bolt fasteners are used. There are numerous other examples that prove that how significant are the industrial fasteners for various industries. Industries like automobile, aircraft, manufacturing, production, construction, instrumentation, etc., all use these extensively for various applications.