Method of Forming Din975 Threaded Bar Device

  • Release date:23-01-2017
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    A method of forming Threaded Bar device which includes […]

    A method of forming Threaded Bar device which includes the steps of:

    (a) locating an elongate substantially straight load bearing member partly within a substantially rigid tubular member which encloses one end of the elongate member over a portion of the length of the elongate member;

    (b) securing a restraining component of the anchor device to an opposite end of the elongate member which extends from the tubular member at a location that is outside the tubular member;

    (c) simultaneously deforming the elongate member and the tubular member at each of a plurality of locations to form respective deformations which are spaced from each other in a longitudinal direction of the elongate member so that withdrawal of the elongate member from the tubular member results in further deformation of the elongate member within the tubular member to provide a controlled yielding action;

    wherein: the step of locating includes placing the elongated member in the tubular member such that they are capable of sliding movement relative to one another in the longitudinal direction; and said step of simultaneously deforming produces complementary deformations that cause the elongate member to no longer be straight and inhibit but do not destroy the relative sliding movement capability.