Machining Methods And Standards For Threaded Rod Din975

  • Release date:03-07-2017
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    The Threaded Rod Din975 is a metal fastener whose threa […]

    The Threaded Rod Din975 is a metal fastener whose threads are cut into ends. These rods are similar to screw handles, but tend to be longer and thicker than standard screws. The threaded rod does not have a head or washer like a screw on a bolt and tends to have the same diameter over its entire length.

    The plastic deformation of the workpiece is achieved by forming a rolling die to obtain a threading method. Thread rolling is generally in the rolling machine. Threading machines or automatic lathes with automatic opening and closing of the thread rolling head for mass production of standard external fasteners and other threaded couplings. The outer diameter of the rolling thread is generally not more than 25 mm and the length is not more than 100 mm. The thread accuracy is up to 2, and the diameter of the blank used is approximately equal to the diameter of the thread to be machined. Rolling the general can not be processed internal thread, but the material is too soft parts can be used slotless taps cold extrusion internal thread (maximum diameter of up to 30 mm or so), the working principle and tapping similar. The torque required to cool the internal thread is about 1 times greater than that of the tapping, and the machining accuracy and surface quality are slightly higher than the tapping.

    Any plane can not be completely in close contact with the leak-proof seal, the traditional method is to use rubber, asbestos, metal and other gaskets, but because of aging or corrosion will soon leak. And anaerobic adhesive instead of solid gasket, after curing can be achieved in close contact, so that more durable and durable. The Micrel Super Lubricant is a special inert material for a variety of applications for sealing of threaded fittings and threaded plugs, sealing of flanges with mating surfaces, sealing of mechanical housing surfaces, etc. of the leakage effect.

    Threaded rods Din975 for plastic molding equipment, such as plastic profiles extruder, injection molding machines. Screws and barrels are the core of plastic molding equipment. Is heated out of the plasticized part. Is the core of plastic machinery.