How To Intall Din975 Threaded Rod

  • Release date:05-12-2016
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    What You Need: Materials: Electrical conduit (sold in 1 […]

    What You Need:


    Electrical conduit (sold in 10-foot lengths)

    5/8 " curtain rod brackets

    Drywall anchors (1/4")

    Spray paint/ dropcloth

    Optional: 1/2" set screw coupling, available in the electrical supplies area (if you need an extra long rod, this will be used to combine different pieces of conduit)

    Optional: 1/2" corner elbow, available in the electrical supplies area (use if you plan on building your rods around a corner)





    Measuring tape

    1. Measure for the desired length of rod. Remember to add a few inches so you can hang your curtains wide.
    2. Cut the conduit. Measure your piece of conduit, mark off the desired length with a marker, and use the hacksaw to cut it to size.
    3. Paint your pieces. Disassemble all your pieces (e.g., take the screws out of the curtain brackets, breaking them down to their component parts), lay everything out on a drop cloth, and spray paint them the desired color. The conduit is already silver, but there are stampings on them, and we wanted the finish of all the component parts to match, so we chose a basic Rustoleum silver.
    4. Measure the desired height of the rod. Be sure to add a few inches so you can hang it high.
    5. Place the first bracket. On one side, place one of the curtain brackets in the place that marks the intersection of your desired height/ width of the rod. Make sure it's level. In the screw holes, lightly mark with a pencil the place where you plan to drill.
    6. Measure for the second bracket. Find the intersection point of your desired height and width on the other side of the window. Before you drill, though, you should make sure that everything is going to be level.
    7. Place the conduit on the brackets and add your curtains. Assuming that you're just hanging a rod for one window, you're pretty much done. Congrats! Skip ahead to step 10 for some final notes.
    8. Set screw coupling instructions. We had one window that was twelve feet long, so one piece of conduit was insufficient. We hung a third bracket in the center of the window, measured the conduit so that we had two even pieces (two six-foot pieces rather than one ten-foot and one two-foot piece), and used the set screw coupling to join them together.
    9. Elbow instructions. If you're planning on building a rod around a corner, a corner elbow makes a fine connector. You will need to make sure that that rods to be connected are level around a corner so that the far end of one can be situated in the Threaded Rod with the other.