How to Install Threaded Rod in Wood

  • Release date:20-12-2016
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    Threaded rod is also called the all-thread or stud. Whe […]

    Threaded rod is also called the all-thread or stud. When the stud is fixed to wood, it gives a very strong structural junction. The threading on the rod can be at the ends or along the rod's length. There are two types of threaded rods, the full-bided threaded rod and the undercut threaded rod. Their purpose is to accommodate any threaded object such as the nut. The thread on the rod is very finely polished. Hence, the rod can slip off the wood if you simply drill and thread the rod in wood. These threaded rods are used to build the tension. Once the threaded rods are installed in the wood, they can withstand the weight of about 1600 pounds.

    The primary requirement in installing a threaded rod into wood is to have the threaded rod of desired length, a few equally sized nuts, and some special tools. The threaded rods can be inserted in wood by a vertical or a side mounted installation. Normally, you can install the threaded rods of 3/8-16 or 1/4-20 into wood, concrete, or steel depending on the application. The rod anchoring for wood or steel does not require a pre-drilled hole. Besides, installing a threaded rod in wood is a task made easy if the steps given below are followed.

    1. Safety Measure: Before you can start working on this task, wear the safety glasses to protect your eyes from physical damage.

    2. Select The Socket: Choose an appropriate socket from the socket set to fix it onto the hex head of the threaded rod anchor.

    3. Adjust The Reversible Drill: Open the chuck of the reversible drill. Now, fix the shaft of the socket drill attachment into the drill's chuck.

    4. Secure The Socket Attachment: Tighten the drill chuck to secure the attachment of the socket to the drill motor. Move the socket up till the square end of socket attachment. Now, at the end of the socket, fix the rod anchor's hex head.

    5. Drill The Wood: Mark the place on the wood joist where you will drill, to hang the threaded rod. Keep the rod anchor's self-drill tip on the wood. Slowly pull the drill motor's trigger and put some pressure onto the motor, so that drilling the rod anchor on the wood becomes easy.

    6. Place The Hex Nut: When the anchor's flare part lies firmly against the wood, stop the drilling motor. At the end of the stud, thread-in the hex nut.

    7. Test: Keep spinning the hex nut until you reach the rod anchor by and tighten it by using the adjustable wrench. Check whether the threaded rod is fixed in wood securely by hanging some weight on it. You have successfully installed a threaded rod in wood.