Flat Washer BS Have Two Kinds Of Processing Technology

  • Release date:02-05-2017
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    In order to make the device connection has a good conne […]

    In order to make the device connection has a good connection, often in the connection between the equipment, the use of a thing. That is the gasket or flat washer, but today to tell you about the flat washer BS , like the existence of this kind of thing, in the end have what role? It is understood that flat washers are generally all kinds of thin pieces, will be used specifically to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolation, prevention of loose or the role of dispersion pressure. There are a lot of materials and structures which will use this part, but also specifically used to perform a variety of similar effects.

    Flat washers are generally used in the connector is a soft, one is hard, and its main role is to increase the contact area, dispersion pressure, to prevent the texture of the soft crushed. The spring ring of the spring is the basic role of the nut after the nut to tighten a force to increase the friction between the nut and bolt! Material for the spring steel, heat treatment hardness HRC44 to 51HRC, the surface oxidation.

    The gasket shall be made of hot-rolled steel sheet, hot-rolled and pickled steel plate or cold-rolled steel sheet stamping or bar material, pipe cutting and rolling, forging and other processing methods. The specific processing method is determined by the manufacturer.

    Flat washer processing technology there are two, one is to remove the burr treatment, the other is the surface protection treatment. Remove burrs, the gasket should be polished, vibrated or otherwise removed to remove burrs and burrs. Surface protection treatment, the standard on the gasket product surface treatment by coating (thick) and coating (thin) distinction, I think it should also apply to other fastener product nuts. Although in some other corresponding standards it is not as specific as the standard narrative.

    Need to remind the protective layer gasket if no other provisions, the surface of the gasket should be a common surface, that is, in addition to anti-oil, there is no other coating.