Flat Washer are Major Tool For Professional

  • Release date:18-01-2017
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    They are primarily used when the nuts and bolts are tig […]

    They are primarily used when the nuts and bolts are tightened. Flat Washer are a major tool for professionals while they are working on repairs, fixing plumbing issues or else repair any mechanical device. They are used to ensure that nut does not become loose over a period of time. These can further be divided in to two sub-types namely:

    · Split washers

    · Star washers

    The star washers have deep teeth that dig or go deep in to the material (metal or wood) to keep the bolt and the nut fastened.

    Flat Washer

    The flat washers have been used extensively as bridges for gaps especially in cases where you find that a hole is much bigger that the screws or bolts that need to be fitted into it. They have therefore become very important in different kinds of applications especially commercially. They come in different materials and the selection one makes will depend on the application and the washer needs that he has for the application. You will find them in leather, wood, fabric and metals such as iron, copper, steel and bronze among many other options. There are also plastic, paper and rubber flat washers. The huge variety makes it possible to find a washer suitable for any kind of application.