Features of Plastic Threaded Rod

  • Release date:06-12-2016
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    Plastic threaded rods are highly versatile in nature wh […]

    Plastic threaded rods are highly versatile in nature when it comes to their applications. They are used in domestic, commercial as well as industrial applications mainly for assembly purposes. These strong and robust threaded rods are preferred because of their adaptable nature and immense usefulness.

    Plastic threaded rods can be obtained in a variety of rod dimensions and thread sizes. You can select the ones best suited for your application type. You can even place an order for customized threaded rods if the need arises.

    Materials Used for the Fabrication of Plastic Threaded Rods.

    You can obtain in different materials, such as:








    Based on the type of your application and your overall budget, you can choose the suitable type of material.

    Take A Glance At the Distinctive Features of Plastic Threaded Rod:

    Easy installation

    Electric insulators

    Light weight

    Can be cut into different sizes

    Works well in extreme weather conditions

    Provides mechanical stability

    Repairs and secures two parts together

    High fastening capabilities and works well with most standard size fasteners.

    Excellent Resistance capabilities in corrosion and conductivity

    Din975 Threaded Rod that employs precision threads rolling techniques at these threaded studs and roller threads should considered on the priority basis. As this precision leads to superior strength, finishing and dimensional integrity with accurate tolerances. So while buying these units can ensure that all the threaded products conform to your specifications.