Features of Different BSW Threaded Rod

  • Release date:08-05-2017
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    The BSW Threaded Rod is a fastener with an internal thr […]

    The BSW Threaded Rod is a fastener with an internal thread and is used in conjunction with a bolt, with internal threads and used in conjunction with a screw for mechanical parts for movement or power. Hex nuts are small thread metal blocks for fixing bolts. The nuts and bolts bundle the machine parts together so that the parts are assembled. Hex nuts are hex nuts. The side of the hex nut allows the pliers and wrenches to clamp the nut and apply a rotational force to it.

    Hex nuts and bolts connect the parts together, and the dimensions (metric or standard), hole diameter and pitch, and width and thickness fit. Hex nuts and bolts, screws with the use of fastening machine from the role of connection. Which by the first type of six nuts with the most widely used, A-and B-class nut for the surface is relatively smooth, high precision requirements of the machine, equipment or structure, C-class nut for rough surface, the accuracy is not high Of the machine, equipment or structure.

    Type 2 hex nuts are thicker and are often used for applications where assembly is often required. The thickness M of the hexagonal thin nut is thin and is used for the case where the surface space of the connected machine is restricted.

    Ordinary hexagonal nuts are widely used, characterized by fastening force is relatively large, the disadvantage is to have enough space in the installation of the installation, the installation can use a live wrench or open wrench, or wrench wrench above the wrench need a lot Operating space.

    Cylindrical head Hexagon nut is the most widely used in all screws, because of his tightening force is relatively large, the use of alligator wrench can be operated, the installation is very convenient, almost used in a variety of structures, the appearance of more beautiful and tidy, the disadvantage is tight The solid tip is lower than the outer hexagon, and the repeated use is easy to damage the hexagon caused by the disassembly.