Factors to Be Considered When Choosing Threaded Rods

  • Release date:28-11-2016
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    As the rods are made from plastic, they do not suffer f […]

    As the rods are made from plastic, they do not suffer from traditional metal weaknesses such as aging, sparking, and combustion. This makes them extremely useful in various industrial applications such as oil refineries, marine applications, chemical plants, and food processing plants.

    Double end threaded rod, sometimes referred to as U bolt rod, is purchased from a manufacturer in order to bend U bolts. These U bolts may be bent in house by heavy duty truck repair shops, sometimes referred to as spring shops. They bend U bolts to size in order to fasten leaf springs onto trucks ranging from tractor trailers to dump trucks and snow plows. U bolt benders are commercially available, though some are not strong enough to bend 1-1/4" diameter rods, which are commonly used on larger Class 8 trucks

    The rods have the thread rolled onto them in order to produce a stronger thread fit than would be found in cut threaded manufacturing processes. Cut threading removes metal and has less surface area in contact with the inside of the mating nut. Roll threading moves the metal, not removing it, and creates more contact with the mating nut. Normal industry practice involves chamfering each end of larger diameter rods to facilitate starting the nuts easily during final installation. In general, you will find chamfers on rods 9/16" and below.

    Materials Used for the Fabrication of Plastic Threaded Rods.

    There are various features of plastic threaded rods that make them such favorites among various industries. Let us have a look at few such distinguishing features