Din975 Tell You The Different Types of Nuts

  • Release date:28-09-2016
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    Hex Nuts: These are used for general-purpose projects s […]

    Hex Nuts: These are used for general-purpose projects since they are one of the most common styles used with six sides thereby giving it the name 'hex'.

    Lock Nuts: This type is capable of offering resistance against vibration, which might cause the nut to loosen over the time of installation. So, these can be used in machines that largely vibrate.

    Wing Nuts: As from the name, this type will have two wings in such a way that they can be adjusted easily with the help of hands. This type would be highly suitable for projects where machines require loosening and tightening frequently.

    Slotted nuts: The other name for this type is castle nuts since they just look like castle tower. This type of nut will be suitable for projects, where vibration is the biggest concern for the user.

    Square nuts: This type will have larger surface as compared to hex model thereby making them easier to grip with the wrenches.

    Nut fasteners are the female part of the hardware family. These are used along with their male mate i.e. the bolts in order to join the physically separable things. Let us take an example of an automobile. In this, various systems are assembled together. These systems are developed separately and perform various functions. So, to assemble different systems nut & bolt fasteners are used. There are numerous other examples that prove that how significant are the industrial fasteners for various industries. Industries like automobile, aircraft, manufacturing, production, construction, instrumentation, etc., all use these extensively for various applications.