Brief Introduction of Trapezoidal Lead Screw

  • Release date:24-02-2017
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    This article is written to introduce some brief introdu […]

    This article is written to introduce some brief introduction of trapezoidal lead screw to make others understand it. Trapezoidal lead screw are screw thread profiles with trapezoidal outlines. They are the most common forms used for lead screws. They offer high strength and ease of manufacture. They are typically found where large loads are required, as in a vise or the lead screw of a lathe. Standardized variations include multiple-start threads, left-hand threads, and self-centering threads.

    The original trapezoidal thread form, and still probably the one most commonly encountered worldwide, is the Acme thread form. The Acme thread was developed in 1894 as a profile well suited to power screws that has various advantages over the square thread, which had been the form of choice until then. It is easier to cut via either single-point threading or die than the square thread is; it wears better than square; it is stronger than a comparably sized square thread; and it makes for smoother engagement of the half nuts on a lathe leadscrew than square does.

    The trapezoidal metric thread form is similar to the Acme thread form, except the thread angle is 30°. It is codified by DIN 103. Although metric screw threads are generally more prevalent worldwide than imperial threads, the Acme thread is very common worldwide, and may be more widely used than the trapezoidal metric thread. This is not surprising, as manufacturers today are usually capable of making whichever threads are best for any given application. It may be that the tooling for Acme threads has been so dominant that customers tend to want Acme threads for power screws regardless of metric standards used elsewhere in the product.

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