Attractive Features And Types Of Spring Washers

  • Release date:02-02-2017
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    Spring washers actually work like compression springs w […]

    Spring washers actually work like compression springs work; however, they do offer some advantages. They can work well in areas whereby space requirements offer a very small amount of range of motion. They also can handle high stress over short range of motion. Compression springs would definitely fail in these particular cases. In fact, they would be very impossible to design for many of these applications.

    These washers produce what we call a nonlinear load / deflection type of curve. They are useful no matter where a constant thrust is required.
    Spring Washer performance depends on the ratio of the height to the thickness.

    Taking advantage of using these washers is an efficient smart method of getting the required loading whenever the allowable amount of axial space within the mechanism is limited. These kind of washers are widely used as cushion springs or cushion spacers in between parts on shafts.
    There are different types of spring washers made available these days.

    Conical Washer - One of the most basic types of washers is conical washer which is used to support large loads as a form of compression washer.
    Wave Washer - This product has a curved design and the shape allows the washers to have a spring effect. It’s ideal for people to use it for deflection requirements and the purpose of shock absorption. It has a flat and wavy shape.

    High Duty Washers - These products are designed for specific uses. It is made of high quality raw materials with the help of advanced technological features. It is used with high strength screw and bolt assemblies. The heavy duty products are available in a whole range of sizes, grades and materials in many of the reputed online stores at affordable price rates. Some of the dealers also offer customized products according to the specific requirements of the customers.

    Flat Washer - Another variety is the flat spring washer which can also be bought from various online stores. It is flat in shape and it can be custom ordered according to the requirements of the customers from online stores at affordable prices.

    As there are various types of products made available through most of the online stores, it is important to choose the right type of washer according to specific requirements. The performance of these products is based on the ratio of height to thickness. It is essential to consider the different features of these products before buying it from online stores.

    As most of the spring washers are made of steel, it is bound to become rusted in due course of time. However, there are some important tips which can be followed to prevent corrosion.

    Metallic coating - You can use metallic coatings to give a protection such as nickel, zinc and cadmium. All these coatings provide high quality protection to the washers.

    Phosphate coating - Application of zinc phosphate coating along with corrosion resistant oil is another method to prevent rusting of these products.
    Metal spray - Although metal sprays are less adhesive compared to the other types of coating, it can be used for large springs.
    Electroplating - This is another method which is utilized to prevent corrosion of steel products.
    Chemical plating - In this process, the steel products are coated with nickel and phosphor alloy. This plating process offers excellent corrosion resistance. will show you more information.