Attractive Facts And Types Of Spring Washers I

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    A spring washer is a type of compact washer that can be […]

    A spring washer is a type of compact washer that can be used for various applications. It is generally constructed with the use of stainless steel. These washers are used to add the required flexibility to bolted joints. It is basically designed to withstand pressure for a longer period of time without becoming deformed in any way.

    Various types of steel such as stainless steel and carbon steel are used to manufacture these types of products. The carbon steel washers are widely used for various purposes because it exudes a unique strength and durability. It can also be forged, wrought and cast into shapes according to the requirements of the users.

    Spring Washer Facts

    1. They work like compression springs and can work in areas where the space offers very little range of motion.

    2. They are advantageous handling high stresses.

    3. They act like buffers and cushions in common use.

    4. They produce a nonlinear type load / deflection kind of curve. This in itself makes them quite useful whereby a constant thrust is much needed in spite of wear and tear.

    5. The washer's performance is based on the height ratio to thickness.

    6. Spring washers are extremely helpful in mechanical assemblies in order to help protect where fasteners may be loosened due to any kind of vibration. These types of washers provide an ongoing continuous pressure on the bolt and on the nut. This keeps them tensioned as well as tight.