All Threaded Rods are Suitable for Some Industries

  • Release date:17-04-2017
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    Din975 all threaded rods are available in a variety of […]

    Din975 all threaded rods are available in a variety of steel grades, heat treatment processes and coatings. For steelmakers, it is easy to write a call correctly on a store drawing, but the drawing is usually blurred.

    All threaded rods include aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and cold rolled. The choice of threaded rods has the advantage of not requiring the time and resources required to customize the threading material. All threaded rods can be installed and can be used with standard nuts and standard washers. It is also easy to cut the threaded rods with ordinary cutting equipment.

    All threaded rods are commonly used in a variety of applications and industries. You can find all the threaded rods in the construction project, the car structure and the manufacturing industry. It is suitable for narrow spaces that can be cut and even bent to any size.

    Light steel screws can also be called cold rolled rods. Or cold rolling all the threaded rods. This low carbon steel screw is usually a cost effective solution for strength and ductility. Galvanized threaded rods are ideal solutions for outdoor projects. The galvanized hot-dip coating provides a thick layer of protection. This protects the material from corrosion and corrosion. If you choose this material, thick coating can get a strong protective cover. It is an economical solution when the project requires lower strength steel. The benefit of galvanizing is to provide rust at low cost. Threaded pin is suitable for general applications that do not require high strength. This may include furniture building or fixed.

    The most commonly used in life or stainless steel rebar. Stainless steel threaded rod is a general purpose material. The properties of stainless steel rods provide high corrosion resistance and rust. Because the marine environment and outdoor construction are often found to be exposed to elements and temperature changes, so the use of this screw is the best. Stainless steel All the threaded threads in the threaded rods also help to quickly assemble and disassemble to speed up your project. You can use it for harsh environments, including marine environments, places using salt or chemical substances, and even medical manufacturing.