Interesting Facts About Din 934 Nuts

  • Release date:30-12-2016
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    The industrial fasteners are the most important member […]

    The industrial fasteners are the most important member in the hardware family. The fastener is the term which is used for the items which are used to hold two distinct objects. These are employed in several industries like automobile, aircraft, construction, furniture manufacturing, etc.

    Let me discuss important members of this family. The most important member of this family is the nut fastener. It is widely used along with the counterparts in order to fix different items. The nut fasteners are basically female fasteners which contain the threaded hole. These are widely used along with their mates i.e. the bolts to join different parts or machinery or any other thing.

    Mechanical Structure of Nut Fasteners

    The nut fastener contains a hole. The hole of this contains threads or the spiral tracks in order to overcome the action of frictional forces. It can insert the tail of the male fastener into the hole of the female fastener i.e. the nut to join two different substances. The outer surface of the bolt also contains spiral tracks which when combined with the tracks of the nut produces the frictional forces. These forces help in holding the two items together. These frictional forces overcome external forces like vibration, motion, etc and hold tightly two physically distinct substances.

    Working Principle

    Nuts are the female mate of the industrial fasteners. These basically contain the hole in which their counterpart that is the bolt is inserted to join the two physically distinct objects. They basically contain the helical paths or the tracks on their inner surface. The main function of these tracks is to make the surface uneven so that no motion can occur. The bolts contain tracks on the outer surface. When the duo is combined, then frictional forces come into play. They act against the rotation, vibration, movement & other forces to keep the physically distinct substances together.

    These are available in wide array material in the market. But, stainless steel nuts are widely employed & are also highly demanded. This is basically an alloy & contain about 10% of chromium. Providing high strength against adverse conditions is the main attribute of this alloy. Apart from this, stainless steel alloy provides protection against the rust & corrosion.

    Manufacturers of Din 934 Nuts are offering their products in a range of configurations. They are striving hard to meet the end requirements of the market. In order to offer high durability & reliability, they are also using rust resistant coating or PVC coating for the purpose of offering additional strength to these. Apart from these measures, they are employing the state of the art machinery to develop their products so that varied sizes & shapes can easily be developed.